“We think about one-way doors, and two-way doors. A one-way door is a place with a decision if you walk through, and if you don’t like what you see on the other side, you can’t get back. You can’t get back to the initial state. A two-way door, you can walk through and can see what you find, and if you don’t like it, you can walk right back to the door and return to the state that you had before. We think those two-way door decisions are reversible, and we want to encourage employees to make them. Why would we need anything more than the lightest-weight approval process for those two-way doors?”

I've been missing us more than I ever have.
But it's not my place to let you know anymore.

I'm striving to muster the strength,
To return the pieces of you you lent me.
I cling on to the shards, some that cut through my flesh.
Others erode away, crumbling between my fingers,
Leaving me by the second,
I don't want to forget.

I've been missing us more than I ever have.
My heart clashes against my brain
But I must, I have to place faith in the past self of mine
The one who chose to shut the door.