Why stop at 5, 10 minutes? If you don't will yourself to power through a mere 20-minute run, how else are you going to tackle the more difficult challenges of life?

The activity couldn't be more irrelevant; it's the mindset. I don't want to have to rethink my entire worldview from the bottom up. The comfort zone is addictive and there's nothing wrong with desiring simplicity. I understand the temptation of testing your absolute limits, at every split second you force yourself for a little bit more but is this a marathon that will ever end? It's an over-glorification of gravitas, a struggle without an actual destination and if you're one to find these triumphs ordeals then the intended purpose of internal fulfillment becomes rather obsolete. It's the appreciation of the journey that justifies these tribulations to which not all have the itch for, and this disparity defines what separates those internally driven for an Ouroboros of fulfilling their self-prophecy and those unable to form such a cycle and break down, for external motivation does not at all suffice.

It's easy to see what's optimal for growth and it's definitely not for the faint of heart to muster the discipline to align principle with practice but is it what should be striven for because it is the more arduous path? I don't think it's really such a tragedy to opt for the easy way out; it's all perspective and conformity is underrated. A simple life with a caring family and kids, a meaningful job, a creative outlet and a healthy lifestyle, is it all that wrong to just blend in?