We're drowning in information while starving for wisdom." - E.O. Wilson

The concept of boredom must be so foreign to kids nowadays exposed to information overload on the daily. Regardless of time scale, there's always been much going on in our environments and in the world, but it's this era in which the culture of sharing and presentation has been promoted to the extent that it's hard to recall a time or two where I was ever so slightly bored, a privilege I miss now for it emerges out of a restlessness that instigates the desire to explore. We as a whole are bound to a stream of perpetual updates and refreshes of curated emotions and situations in the hopes that one or two may hit us with a dopamine release that temporarily satisfies our craving for instant gratification. It's become insidious deep within society and it's taught us to partake in the 'me' mentality of showcasing / overexposing our lives, our achievements, our day-to-day mundanities. Our growing addiction to social media is a topic that has been beaten to death but I really wish we'd be more cognizant of the fact that human connection could use a disconnect every now and then.