'You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.' - Friedrich Nietzche

I've grown to theorize that all it takes to pass my subjective threshold of self-awareness is being able to recognize how conceited our innate selves tend to be. We are preconditioned to view our own selves as protagonists of our own stories, and a lot of us fail to witness that the rest of society are too walking around with themselves as the main characters of their own. As long as we see those connected to us as side characters whose identities are extensions of our singular self, we are unable to process their true nature of being, their motivations and intentions stemming from their rich and complex roots; this hinders us from the eye-opening truth that we are less significant than we warrant ourselves to be. This fact alone is enough for us to develop deeper curiosities about the back stories of our associates for we can now fathom the existence of their hidden origins, the tales of their pasts that have shaped their progression of identity to reach their current state of self. It encourages and boosts a humble inquisitiveness, humble for we stay grounded acknowledging we are all equally deserving for the role of the titular character and inquisitive for we can now perceive the grander story, one that encompasses those written in the first person, and interestingly, the intricate chains and edges may link all of them together, sometimes even unseemingly so. This recognition is all it takes to solve many of our most human issues including means of effective multilateral communication because we now hold the potential for multiple points of view to reside in our minds and a genuine and earnest appreciation for and empathy towards the humanitarian cause. Yet it is so rarely found amongst persons, as it is a mindset that usually develops only past a state of an unexpected melancholic awakening, a situation where one is forced to come to terms with the futility of his or her being in the larger picture after enduring a period of intense anguish or grief. Usually only past this internal blockage does the fully formed human being emerge victorious, not only because he or she has now crossed this mental person-specific ordeal that marks a true coming-of-age rite of passage, but also as he or she has now developed the cognizance of being able to reflect back on an identity lacking this newfound closer connection to true impartiality. He or she who has triumphed can now flash back through and realize how narrow a scope the past self had viewed the world with. In the simplest of words, this change is an invisible but prominent temperamental enlightenment, enabling the wielder to perceive, live in and cross seamlessly between dimensions broader than those granted by default. Effortlessly without an ulterior motive, the self-aware radiate and revel in a sort of pseudo-omniscience, grasping a wider spectrum of frequencies and now capable of cherishing the beauty of this kaleidoscopic gradient. It is truly the closest to a superpower attainable by the soul.

thoughts materialized from a 3 am phone call