No doubt, it is a horrible feeling, grief. It is unlike a sharp but fleeting bee sting, but a sort of dull ache, one that lingers on and on incessantly. It saps your energy during the day and exchanges your capacity to escape away into your dreams at night with an insufferable gift of unwelcome restlessness. It drains away your capacity for compassion until you're left with a silhouette of a person, devoid of all characteristics human. It is a horrible feeling, grief.

But I think I do tend to romanticize grief, and may even resonate better with those of us who have fared into the lower deep ends of the happiness spectrum.  I find it is often than not the case that who have overcome periods of grief end up being more compassionate, more tolerant, with a tinge of melancholic wisdom that allows them to be more empathetic when others encounter pain of similar or less intensity, and recognize that no matter how hopeless a situation may seem to be when viewed locally, time and tide wait for no man.