I'm glad I made the decision to get far away from the city to gain some clarity, away from all the issues and unease that has been haunting me for the past few months. It even feels like I've left my emotional baggage physically behind. I know escape isn't a sustainable solution, but I cherish my time here, and to an extent, I really wish I didn't have to go back.

These days I'm coming to remember the importance of quiet and not just in the literal sense. I've missed this sense of tranquility, the mind void of dwelling or unmet desire. I'm appreciative of the time I have left here, in contact with fewer people, fewer social media apps, fewer distractions. I am truly thankful for it all, the clear blue skies, the gentle breeze, the warm rays of sunlight.

I had a glimpse of this zen during my meditation program this summer. Somehow in the midst of all the problems that came after I lost a lot of what I had been taught.

Moving forward, I want to foster this sense of quiet when I return to my normal schedule. I want to spend more time in the enjoyment of solitude, and have more collected periods of self-reflection. I'm getting more clarity by the day but I need to give myself time and grow accustomed to more peace and quiet outside so that I can develop them within. I am going to try to slow down my lifestyle and live a more intentional lifestyle to get there.

I'm growing to remember how soothing the sound of silence can be.