While I was in Taiwan I had an interesting conversation with a friend on making the most out of time off from school, our down times after long periods of studying or research, to socialize: to meet new people, make new friends, invest in a potential relationship. But I guess socializing isn't a means of recovery after work for everyone. It is a fun activity but for some it can be energizing and others enervating.

As I return to school I'm finding I don't really want to socialize. I'm finding it a burden to have to catch up with friends I hadn't seen for a while, to engage in more social interactions. I've maxed out my energy socializing during the break, aside from catching up with a few close friends all I actually want to do is spend some alone time studying and getting back to the work I have been putting off for a while. I feel like there's so much white noise around me, and all I am searching for is some sense of quiet, tranquility. I would like to go into incognito mode for a while, at least until I no longer feel drained every time midway conversation. That's what I need to do to regain my work ethic and discipline as well.

Is this concrete justification of introversion or is it a mere symptom of exhaustion?