I had believed self-awareness to be sufficient from looking inwards and reflecting on the inner workings of your mind and yet I’ve grown to realize this is merely the tip of the iceberg. Understanding your mind gives a surface level understanding of how people function and despite how useful that alone is, it is not sufficient. Only when we entrench ourselves deeply within those around us with backgrounds and perspectives so foreign to us and wholly take in their beliefs as valid do we gain a more comprehensive understanding of the concept. The shattered illusion will enable us to see how easy it is for ourselves to gain a flavor of self-awareness that is wrapped around our worldview and growth emerges only when we separate it from our ego. We have to be receptive to the possible truths within the unknown. It is unsettling and jarring as we have been partaking in the act of reflection for so long after all that it would be far easier to dismiss what is beyond our accepted set of values as ignorance or rationalize them as mere byproducts of dysfunctional systems and environments in order to preserve the effort of the core convictions we have strove so intently and patiently to build. It is upsetting to have to acknowledge what had been so evidently true from a certain angle or context as a misconstruction of reality but once the seal is broken there is no turning back. To continue peace of mind we must adapt to maintain internal consistency of what we value and respect and from the discomfort of adaptation will fortuitously emerge more tolerance and compassion in the end.